Reduce your electricity cost with a photovoltaic system

In February 2015 Hanwha Q CELLS emerged as a new global solar power leader from combining two of the world´s most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers; Hanwha SolarOne and Hanwha Q CELLS.

Based on its respected “Engineered in Germany” technology, innovation, and quality, Hanwha Q CELLS Co. Ltd. offers the full spectrum of photovoltaic products, applications and solutions, from modules to kits to systems to large scale solar power plants.

For the cost conscious. For environmental conservationist. For energy pioneers. Put your trust in the technology of Q CELLS solar panels. Whichever solar solution suits your needs; an all-round full service package or a tailor-made photovoltaic solution. Start making long term savings on electricity costs in your home with solar panels by Q CELLS.

The possible savings you may achieve depend on several factors such as the size and orientation of your roof regarding the sunlight, the level of your private consumption and the feed-in tariff.

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