Air conditioners beautifully designed to save

LG’s air conditioning products offer stylish and energy-efficient solutions that let you enjoy every room to the fullest. LG Home Comfort Solutions are available in a full range of capacities to match any size space, large or small.

LG Electronics Inverter V series includes many home models. The LG ceiling cassette is the business unit which will help you create a comfortable environment for your clients and colleagues. Furthermore, LG’s air conditioners are sturdy, reliable products with prolonged lifespans designed to provide years of worry-free performance.

The advanced inverter technology, high efficiency heat exchanger and improved efficiency of the compressor and inverter drive provide the highest level of energy efficiency.

LG air conditioners operate at world class sound levels, thanks to LG’s unique new cross-flow fan and BLDC motor technology.

The optimized design of the air outlet provides strong airflow which cools the room temperature up to 5 degrees in as few as 5.6 minutes.

LG air conditioners are not just refreshingly efficient, but also exceptionally elegant in design.

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