Secure your valuables and feel safe

Global Tech works with the biggest manufacturer of safes and steel office furniture in Eastern Europe. Manufactureing more than 200 safe models, including: Burglar-Resistant Safes (Grade I to V), Fire-Resistant Safes, Burglar and Fire Resistant Safes, Fire Resistance Filing Cabinets, Furniture & Office Safes, Built-in Wall Safes and Deposit Safes. In addition to steel office furniture solutions such as: Filling Cabinets, Two-door Cabinets, Storage Cabinets and Lockers & Shelving.

Global Tech can supply safes to many different industries. Large corporation may require products such as: Burglary Resistant Safes, Fire Resistant Safes, Fire and Burglary Resistant Safes or Deposit Safes and Systems.

The domestic and small business market may require products such as: Gun Safes, Burglary Resistant Safes, Fire and Burglary Resistant Safes, Exclusive Safes, Safe Cabinets and Furniture Safes.

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