Huawei’s Amazing New Solar Inverter Range

Huawei is one of the undisputed giants of the global technology scene. Primarily known for its smartphones, Huawei’s solar division is now producing solar inverters that are set to the lead the industry over the next few years. It excellent SUN2000 inverter is offered in both single-phase and three-phase guises, ensuring that it can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

There are also numerous monitoring solutions available to keep track of energy consumption in your home in real-time. You can even make adjustments when you’re far away should you need to, meaning that you will have all the tools you need to maximise the return on the investment you make when purchasing a photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaic systems can be installed at the point of power consumption, and this allows for great savings on infrastructure costs, such as for transformers, cabling and switchgear. Huawei’s state-of-the-art SUN2000 solar inverters in their different guises can be used in the majority of solar inverter applications.

Huawei’s NetEco system, which features an online portal to monitor your inverter together with a mobile app that you can install on your phone, makes it possible to view the operation of your photovoltaic system in real-time. Any fault which might arise with your inverter can be identified via any interconnected device, making isolating any issues quick and easy.

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