Keep your customers valuables safe and the drinks cold

Minibars and hotel safes from Global Tech can support the needs of the hotel and hospitality industry. Customers will have added security and convenience while in their rooms. Global Tech works closely with a supplier who can provide a range of safe boxes with LED, waterproof and Braille keypad display, motorised opening, capable in storing a 17” laptop.

The minibar models use ammonia as refrigerant, no compressor, no Freon and no loose accessories! They are completely silent, when in use, has auto defrost, and requires no maintenance (no need to add refrigerant gas during the mini-bar life), plus come in opaque or glass door options. View our contact details below and enquire about minibars and hotel safes today.

For full details and specifications about this Brand and product, contact us today via email or call us on 21 389 389 to make an appointment.