Parking and entrance systems for the masses

Global Tech can supply and install pedestrian and vehicular access control devices as well as parking and entrance systems, such as: Automatic Barriers, Road Blockers, Turnstiles, Gates & Gate Automation and Parking Fee Payment Systems

All products are distinguished by original design, high technical standards and long service life in demanding operating and weather conditions.

Sliding, Swing and Barrier Gates

Automatic and manual gates are perfect solution for customers who care for enhanced security of their premises or property and for whom the vehicle access control is crucial.


We are able to offer a large variety of standard and custom made turnstiles for nearly any kind of pedestrian access control management. All turnstiles can be integrated into any access control system or operated as stand-alone devices.

Parking and Entrance Systems

We can supply a new generation of convenient modular pay-on-foot parking management system, fitting all car park sizes from smallest to complex projects, shopping malls and municipal systems

Road Blockers

Road blockers are rising road obstacles designed for securing entrance areas with high security requirements or having a threat of vehicle attack, such as military facilities, airports, high-rise structures, embassies and government facilities.

Coin machines

Coin machines are stand-alone or integrated devices intended to collect a fixed fee and grant access permissions for a one-time passage.

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